Youth Ministry

Our purpose is to equip students to grow in their faith, and to send them out with the message of the gospel to their community and friends. We focus our ministry on study, fun, service projects, and mission trips. We believe these are the things that help grow and sustain our faith every day.

Youth Group is meeting on Wednesday nights from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at the church. This is open to all grades 9-12.


  • To join in fellowship with each other
  • To dive into the Bible
  • Engage in a relationship with Jesus
  • Engage others with the gospel
  • Serve alongside each other to impact our community


Mission Trip:



Attention Parents!
Each month I will be uploading a Parent Page to the website. Each page contains information about what is happening in youth culture, things parents should be looking for. It is our hope to partner with each parent.

October Parent Page

November Parent Page

December Parent Page

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